Client Reviews

An honest and straight forward approach, to a very daunting situation

At the time of my arrest, I could not help but think about the many repercussions of my actions and the effect that those actions had on my family. I bailed out of jail thinking that the majority of my problems were over, and came to realize that was very false. I had over 20 letters a day from different DUI lawyers in san diego encouraging me to contact them for consultations. I was referred to Jake Austin through a friend. I met with him at his office and soon understood why he was the choice for me. Understanding the severity of my situation, while also advising me on the processes I would go through as my case played out. His poise and experience with DUI cases helped to ease my stress and inform me on the steps I would take next. Jake constantly helped me with reminders on my case and made sure I did not miss anything important. Further understanding my situation and showing human emotion, Jake was able to work out a payment plan that was not overwhelming for me. All in all, with the amount of support he showed me throughout my DUI case, He will always be at the top of my list for any of my legal needs. A down to earth, personable, and experienced lawyer that I would recommend to my friends. Thank you Jake!

- (5 star review)

Great guy, even better lawyer

After getting caught up in a dui check point last December I bailed out and proceeded to use a public defender. My family law attorney on a matter from a year ago suggested I hire Jake but I didn’t want to pay anyone because well: i did drive with alcohol in my system. But at my first court hearing the public defender wanted me to plead guilty without even trying to get a better deal! This was my second dui in 10 years so i was looking at more jail, a lot of trash pick-up, etc. I didn’t take the deal and I called Mr. Austin like I should have in the first place. I never set foot back in court. I never spent anothet minute in jail and I haven’t done any community service. Not only that, because Mr. Austin ACTUALLY READ MY POLICE REPORT and knew what he was doing the DA agreed to consider this a first time dui!!! I’ve already got my license back and I’m not stuck in an 18month dui class. Jake is so relaxed and helpful he really made the stress of the situation seem manageable. And the results he got me blew my mind and all my friends know about him now.

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer- Got the job done right!

Jacob Austin did a great job handling our child custody case.

My husband and I live in Minnesota and were very nervous when we started our search for a good lawyer in the San Diego area as this is where our custody case resides. A family friend recommended Mr. Austin to us as he knew him personally. After reading some reviews online we gave him a call.

What a relief it was to have found someone who listened to our needs, spent a great amount of time on phone calls, text, and emails, and gave us peace of mind that our situation was being meet by someone who knew what he was doing. We plan to continue our relationship with Mr. Austin as we fully trust in his abilities as a lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Got me out of a tough situation

Mr. Austin helped me getting out of a situation I had with some parking tickets and a warrant. I didn’t show up to court because I moved and didn’t get the notice. Needless to say, it was a huge mess and I would have had to pay so much money if it wasn’t for Mr. Austin. He not only got the warrant removed, but he reduced my fines and helped set up a payment plan for me. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what I would have done. Thank God for Attorney Jacob Austin! I hope I don’t need an attorney again, but if I do, I know exactly who to call.

- (5 star review)

Restraining order defense

He helped me with a restraining order, he was attentive and thorough.

He was very hands on and was very reasonable.

- (5 star review)

Very Professional & attentive

I was in a very sensitive situation and feel that Jacob met every aspect of my expectation for a lawyer. He was courteous, answered all of my questions and would follow-up even if it wasn’t during the 8-5 hours. I knew he cared and I felt like I was in good hands and the outcome of my case was very successful! I’m indebted to him for life!!!!

- (5 star review)

Mr. Austin

Mr. Austin helped me tremendously. This was my first, and hopefully only Domestic Violence case. I had no idea what was going on, but he took the time to explain everything to me. He was very patient. I was supposed to have public work service, fines and classes. I ended up with only classes. All my fines were stayed pending completion of my classes. I was amazed at the outcome. If anyone I know ever needs a lawyer, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Extremely helpful, reliable, and available to his clients

I recently hired Mr. Austin to help me with a DUI case and he was, thankfully, able to negotiate the outcome that we were hoping for. He made sure to keep me informed throughout the process and he was also very careful to manage my expectations. It was a tense few months and he kept in touch and was always there for me when I had a question or when I needed some clarification. I have worked with a few lawyers before and what makes Mr. Austin different is that he makes himself available to his clients and that, in my opinion, is the greatest trait that a lawyer can possess. I’m extremely satisfied with my case’s outcome and the choice I made in selecting Mr. Austin to represent me.

- (4 star review)

Jacob handled my DUI case very effectively

I retained Jacob to handle my DUI case. This was my first DUI, and when I was arrested I had a high BAC (.21). I was looking at not only standard penalties, but also enhanced penalties. Jacob walked me through the entire process, both with the DMV and the city attorney. He was always straightforward about possible best and worst case scenarios. At my readiness hearing, he was able to negotiate a deal with the city attorney that was better than I could have hoped for. I have fines to pay and requirements to complete, but I am extremely satisfied with the manner in which Jacob represented me. I highly recommend him if you find yourself in the same position I was in.

- (5 star review)

Professional Review

Mr. Austin was amazingly comprehensive to my situation. He successfully handled my case with no delays and the outcome was more desirable than I had even hoped. He is competent, knowledgable and very courteous in his dealings.

- (5 star review)

Very honest, reliable and smart. He doesn’t over charge.

Very patient and helped us with an addendum with our rental property. He also did a contract for our music project and helped us with the copyright and royalties. He didn’t overcharge us. He called us right back and was proficient. Thanks for taking your time this was so refreshing to say the least.

- (5 star review)