Mr. Austin is a graduate of California State University Chico where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Legal Studies.  It was early in his college career when Mr. Austin realized his desire to have an effect on society through use of our political and legal system.

Mr. Austin moved to San Diego after having been accepted into multiple law schools.  Thomas Jefferson School of Law located in downtown San Diego is where he chose to acquire his legal education.   In his time at law school, Jacob learned to hone his written and oral advocacy skills.  Never one to shy away from challenges and new opportunities, Jacob took every opportunity to learn and excel at life, take difficult classes and expand his network of friends and colleagues.

Hire him.

Mr. Austin shows a degree of care and professionalism that exceeds the industry standard.  While very legally and factually accurate, Mr. Austin is also emphatic to people who are often going through some of the more difficult and trying times of their lives.  Mr. Austin never stops learning and does not jump to premature conclusions; he hunts down all the facts and law to create the best possible outcome for each and every case.  The client will always come first and a client’s goal becomes Jacob’s goal.

Personal description.

Mr. Austin is a calm, thoughtful, intelligent and reasonable individual who truly enjoys meeting new people and learning about them.  Helping people and knowing he is putting 100% into his work is what keeps Jacob going.  Intelligence and perseverance are his trademarks (literally… he trademarked them(okay, maybe not, but he considered it)).