Jacob P. Austin

Jacob Austin is a San Diego criminal defense attorney who provides vigorous and compassionate legal representation. Attorney Austin consistently demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and client care that ranks among the finest law practitioners. He balances concise, fact-based legal reasoning with an understanding that real people are engaged in a personal crisis that requires patience and understanding from an attorney. It many ways, being an effective criminal defense attorney means not allowing either emotion or logic to dictate the course of a case. Attorney Austin embrace each equally while compartmentalizing both. He shows a rare ability to simultaneously provide forceful and thoughtful legal representation for his clients.

Attorney Austin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Legal Studies from California State University Chico. He garnered a passion for the law early in his academic career based on the profound impact that the legal system has on ordinary people. After multiple acceptance offers to law schools, he relocated to San Diego to pursue his studies at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. At the downtown San Diego law school, he refined his legal reasoning skills, honed his understanding of California codes and developed oral argument excellence. He also took a measured approach to life by expanding his vast network of friends and colleagues. Each aspect of his growth as a formidable criminal defense attorney can be traced back to a passion for the law and a powerful desire to advocate and help people in the greater san Diego community.