San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a national epidemic. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a woman is assaulted every 9 seconds in the United States. Someone is abused by a domestic partner 20 times per minute and there are 10 million victims each year. While woman have suffered the most, 1 in 4 men have also been harmed by a domestic partner. This awful trend is unacceptable. If you have been harmed by an intimate partner, the Law Office of Jacob Austin will fight to get the full protection of the courts behind you.

What Is Domestic Violence and Abuse?

It’s important for victims of violence and abuse to understand that this problem is not about your partner losing their temper. Domestic violence and abuse is generally part of a larger pattern of control. Abusers use threats, intimidation, as well as physical and sexual assault to make you comply with their demands and dysfunctional ideas about relationships. The things they do to control you are likely to escalate and could result in long-term psychological trauma, physical harm and death. If you are a parent, your child may be equally at risk.  That’s why it’s imperative that you get legal protection immediately.

Protective and Restraining Orders

If your domestic partner has been charged criminally, then it is likely the court has issued a no contact order. This means he/she can be arrested for any contact or harassment. It’s important to also have additional court-ordered protections in place. If no criminal case has been lodged, there are avenues available to gain protection. These include:

  • Emergency Protective Order: A judge can issue an emergency order 24/7 based upon a police officer’s recommendation. This usually arises out of a police call to the scene of an incident or an officer witnessing criminal or concerning behavior. This provides short-term protection from imminent danger and allows victims time to consult with an attorney about petitioning for more permanent solutions.
  • Temporary Restraining Order: These are often sought as “ex parte” orders, meaning the abuser may not be notified or present during a hearing. The petition cites the need for immediate protection. The order may require the abuser to move out of the residence and place restriction on contact and harassment. A date will be set for the other party to appear.
  • Restraining Order: Restraining orders provide long-term court protection from contact, abuse or harassment. They can be tailored to account for issues such as child welfare and visitation communication and can last up to five years.

Work With An Experienced San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are the victim of domestic violence or abuse, it’s imperative that you seek immediate protection. As an experienced domestic violence law firm, we can act swiftly to get you the legal protection you deserve. Don’t hesitate, contact the Law Office of Jacob Austin.